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Natural disasters leave a significant impact on the economy even after they are long gone. Hurricane Ian, for instance, left a staggering $40+ billion dollars in damage to the state of Florida. With many homeowners not having flood insurance, the state’s recovery can be a slow one. The same could be said for business owners who cannot afford to rebuild and reopen their businesses sooner.

Resuming normal business operations in Naples, Florida, which sustained major damage after Ian, can be difficult. However, business owners can take simple steps to bring their facilities back up and running. Here are some tips from your local ServiceMaster by Wright.

  1. Contact your insurance company. After securing the safety of your employees, assess the damage to your business and call your insurance provider. If you are unfamiliar with the insurance claims process, you can hire a reputable public adjuster to file and negotiate on your behalf. Public adjusters are especially helpful when dealing with large losses. They can help you get a higher settlement than what you can receive on your own. Be sure to first check if your insurance company is willing to work with a public adjuster before hiring one.
  2. Call a disaster mitigation service. After calling your insurance provider, contact a professional damage restoration company nearby, such as ServiceMaster by Wright, to get started with recovery.
  3. Communicate with your employees and customers. Be transparent about your company’s situation and give updates. Customers will greatly appreciate it! You can begin by updating your website.
  4. Recover data and equipment. A major loss in data can severely affect your company’s future. Before a disaster, businesses should already have made backups of their data and important documents, preferably stored in a cloud server or an offsite storage facility. When trying to recover electronic equipment, be sure not to turn them on if they had been water-damaged and have them checked or repaired by a licensed technician.
  5. Review your business model. Natural disasters disrupt a company’s normal workflow. Evaluate your business model and determine what changes are necessary to restore profits and reach your business goals while recovery is going on. Boosting your online presence is a good start.
  6. Keep your company moving forward. Natural disasters come and go. It’s important to think about the next step to take than wallow in your losses. Use your experience to come up with better solutions next time. Remember that your customers are counting on you!

ServiceMaster by Wright has always been available to help commercial property owners in Naples, Florida recover from disasters for nearly 40 years. Our quick response and professionalism result in timely restoration, cleanup, and reconstruction works, bringing your business back to normal sooner.

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